Food Collage

Thank you so much for your interest in my custom food collages! I am not currently taking new orders! I will post on my instagram when this changes. 

The way the process works is:

I ask you to make a list of your favorite food prints of mine and then we work together to find a way to fit them all on a piece of paper. 

I charge by the size of paper, not by the amount of prints/colors.

Size Options: 

9” x 12” = $75

11” x 14”  = $100

14” x 18”  = $150

16” x 20”  = $175

If you would like to see more examples of past food collages and their sizes please feel free to ask!! 

Here is a list of every food print I have:

(Feel free to browse through this website and my instagram for inspiration!)

Once you have your paper size and list please compose an email to me with the subject: "Food Collage" and we can start the design process!!!!

My email is:

I will take the information you give me and compose a mock-up where I lay the linoleum pieces on top of a piece of scrap paper (the size that you selected). We can then work together to find a composition that you fall in love with. 

This is my favorite part of my job! I cannot wait to work with you!

xx Anastasia