Hi there!

If you are looking at this page you are probably wondering where the heck your print is!

I must tell you... I mostly print to order. This means that when you order a print I normally print is just for you. I have over 50 different prints for sale at a time and it is hard for me to have everything in stock at the same moment. This means that it takes me a little bit longer to ship things out to you. I am one printmaking, customer lovin', hard-working woman. 

I do promise that I am working hard to get your package out to you and it will come! I am one person printing, promoting, and shipping evrything. I really appreciate your patience!

Please plan for your order to arrive in roughly 3 weeks. Sometimes (a lot of the time) it's faster, 3 weeks is on the safe side. If your tracking number has said the print has arrived and they haven't or it's been stuck/sent back to the receiver or there is a problem with your order please contact me!!

Orders usually take 2-5 business days after I ship. I ship everything First Class using the USPS. Please plan for 3 weeks to be on the safe side if you are shipping for something special. 

Every order is shipped in a plastic sleeve inside a Kraft Stay Flat mailer for print safety.

I really appreciate your business and am thankful for you!

xx Anastasia 

Oh! And international customers should email or DM me on instagram if they would like to place an order!